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Art direction and photography: Bendito Mockup
Location: Granada, Spain
Color and edition: White Retouch
Mockup creation: Bendito Mockup + Cristiana Ceschin
Campaign concept: Inês Durâo
Graphic design: Inês Durâo
Number of mockups: 56
Created for: Adobe Photoshop

Introducing SSKIN —an invitation to view cosmetic mockups through a fresh lens. Recognizing the mismatch between the vibrant beauty industry and its traditionally plain mockups, we’ve crafted SSKIN to bridge this gap. This collection harnesses the expressive power of flashlight and dynamic compositions, bringing a modern feel to professional mockups.

This approach is not just about aesthetic enhancement; it reflects a deeper understanding of the need for mockups to be as compelling and expressive as the products they showcase. With SSKIN, we aim to elevate the standard for cosmetic mockups, ensuring they are in step with the dynamic and creative essence of the beauty industry.