Inflatto Animated


🚨 This collection has 8 super high quality mockup files, so rendering might take longer than usual. Anyway, the wait is worth it. Preview videos have been downsized to improve web performance.

3D Artist

Nacho Velasco


Inflatto Animated takes the spirit of INFLATTO to new heights with 8 animated mockups, brought to life by 3D artist Nacho Velasco. This collection merges the expansive universe of inflatables with cutting-edge 3D animation.

Files Included


File Size

Several folders [14.4GB]

File Format

Adobe After Effects 2024

Image Size

Landscape: 4K resolution
Portrait: 4K resolution
Squared: 4K resolution


1 Business Card Blister animated mockup
1 Can animated mockup
1 Frosted glass animated mockup
1 iPhone Blister animated mockup
1 Macbook Blister animated mockup
1 Plate Blister animated mockup
1 Plate animated mockup
1 Poster Blister animated mockup

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